Elisabeth shares how she manages her work life balance.

Athlete and gym fan Elisabeth is the Executive Assistant to our Chief Technology Officer. We snuck five minutes with her to hear all about exactly how varied it her role is and how many balls she juggles within a day.
09 June 2023
A woman with short brown hair and her arms folded, looking at the camera.

Senior Executive Assistant, UK

Tell us what your day looks like?
I work for the Chief Technology Officer and my days are always varied.  No two days are the same.  I could be sitting at my desk planning for the year ahead, travel, regular meetings and the like or I could be nipping out to pick up goods needed for in house meetings or escorting visitors.  I could be dealing with enquiries from the Team which could be how can they get time in the calendar, how does the coffee machine work, how do they get from A to B 😊 No matter what is going on, it’s always important to have ability to think on your feet and the personality to smile all day long!

How did you get into the role?
I never meant to be an Executive Assistant; I fell into as a means to end.  I then discovered I was very good at organising people.  Initially, I started off in Government and worked there for 22 years or so.  Then I realised there was a world outside public sector but got nervous and didn’t venture to far out of that sector, so I went to work for the Bank of England.  I spent 10 years there and worked my way up from an Assistant to a Senior Assistant, then became a Team Leader and managed 8 other Assistants, plus working for the Chief Information Officer. Having been there I while, I then got to the age where if I didn’t move on, I’d end up at the Bank for the rest of my life.  I moved to Thomson Reuters, who became Refinitiv, and then LSEG.  I’m now at Kantar. 

How have you found life at Kantar so far?
I have only been with Kantar 6 months now and have much to discover.  I do know that this is something I want to pursue and have been made to feel very welcome since I joined. It’s a global company, and it’s always great to meet the many people you speak to over Teams in person when the visit the UK. 

I feel supported working here. From day one I’ve been able to work around my home life which is hectic having a 14-year daughter and also having 6 grandkids! I also appreciate the time I can spend in the office and be an actual person in my own right. 

Describe Kantar in three words. 
Friendly, hectic, rewarding