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Our business

We understand what drives people. We collect data digitally and share our insights in real time. We have an ever-growing understanding of how and why people think, feel, shop and share - globally and locally - in over 90 markets. We don’t just help brands understand what’s happened, we tell them why, and how they can shape the future.
Kantar at a glance
Kantar is the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company. By combining our team’s deep expertise, our data resources and our innovative analytics and technology, we shape the brands of tomorrow by better understanding people everywhere. 
25,000 People in our global team
100m Respondents
90 Markets worldwide
2 bn Data profiles handled. 

Our global business and key markets

We’re made up of three main client-facing divisions, as well as our Functions teams. Each division specialises in a different part of brand insights and data. There is also Kantar Media – an operationally independent but wholly owned part of Kantar Group.  
  • Insights

    Our Insights division informs business and marketing strategies for the world’s biggest consumer brands. With expertise covering brand, innovation, creative, media, commerce and customer experience and advanced analytics, we help clients define what brands should stand for, how to disrupt and renew their offer, how to connect with audiences and how to win with customers.

  • Worldpanel

    Our Worldpanel team are experts in shopping. Through continuous shopper monitoring, advanced analytics and tailored solutions, our team helps brands predict what customers want to buy.

  • Profiles

    Profiles gives customers a detailed picture of target audiences. With innovative, award-winning survey design, our team manages some of the world’s highest quality, privacy-compliant and representative access panels. 

  • Functions

    Our Function teams are home to our expertise in Finance, Technology, Legal, Marketing and our People team. Without our Functions teams, we couldn’t do what we do.   

  • Kantar Media

    Media colleagues measure and understand the changing media landscape. Analysing paid, owned, and earned media, our team work to understand our clients’ audiences. To see jobs at Kantar Media, please click here.

    Kantar Media is an operationally independent – but wholly owned part of Kantar Group.


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