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How we help support you

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. We make sure they have the knowledge, tools, and resources to thrive and support each other.

Feel your best in every way. We offer a range of support that covers the following areas.

Our focus on your wellbeing. 

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Mental Health

Mental health is how you feel emotionally and psychologically. Good mental wellbeing is having the resilience to deal with life's challenges.
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Physical Health

Physical health is how your body feels. It depends on maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle through good nutrition, keeping active and getting enough sleep.
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Social and Work Life Balance

Social and work-life balance is about how you feel as an individual and your relationships with others. It means having a sense of personal belonging and a balance between personal and work commitments.
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Financial Health

Financial health is feeling secure and in control of your finances. Knowing how to save, budget and manage your money can stop you feeling overwhelmed.  

Chris Jansen, CEO and Executive Sponsor to Kantar Accessibility ERG“The care and wellbeing of the Kantar team is my highest priority, and good mental health is a critical part of this. I want to be part of a team that cares and looks out for, and proactively supports one another. Therefore, I am delighted to support all mental health initiatives at Kantar wholeheartedly and am always personally available to talk.”

Mental Health

We prioritise mental wellness at work and support our people in the following ways.
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By respecting work-life balance and destigmatising conversations around mental health, we strive to create a culture where everyone can reach their potential. 
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We provide our people with mental wellbeing tools and give managers training to support their teams. We also run regular events throughout the year. 
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All our people have access to our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), a global helpline that offers support and counselling whenever needed. 
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We acknowledge and support mental health days, months, and events to support our colleagues and those seeking support.  

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