The shape of belonging

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A world that welcomes all. 

An inclusive culture is fundamental to our people’s success. We want everyone to feel free to bring their authentic selves to work and be empowered to succeed. 

Inclusion and Diversity is the beating heart of Kantar. It’s in the work we do, and in the way we interact with one another. We know that through accepting and appreciating the diversity of our individual experiences, we can continue to lead the pack when it comes to data, insights, and consulting. 

Building an Inclusive Culture

Our Inclusion and Diversity programme shapes our workplace. We have a Global Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Steering Committee, which consists of our most senior leaders, who align our I&D strategy with our wider business objectives and purpose. However, as a global organisation operating in diverse markets, we recognise our different regions each have different I&D challenges, priorities and opportunities. That’s why we also have 38 I&D Steering Committees at the local market level, to develop, and deliver, against an I&D plan that is specific to the needs of their region. 

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are networks of like-minded employees and allies that are open to all. Run by our colleagues, and each sponsored by a member of the Executive Leadership team, our ERGs aim to drive change across our business and ensure we continue to build on being an inclusive and diverse place to work. They are integral to us achieving our overall I&D strategy.

The groups are led and participated in by colleagues from across Kantar who share a characteristic. Our ERGs also include allies, essentially any employees who want to learn more and pledge their support.

We have six global ERGs at Kantar.

  • Accessibility at Kantar

    The Accessibility ERG is a community that provides support and fosters respect and inclusion for people with conditions and disabilities, both visible and invisible, temporary, and permanent.

    Leads – Zuzana Novak and Pete Hustwayte
    Executive Sponsor - Chris Jansen


    • Educate and uplift those within Kantar who are neurodivergent or disabled.
    • Provide a community for people who support or care for individuals with disabilities and neurodivergencies in their lives.
    • Work with other ERGs to promote intersectionality.

    Want to see more? Watch to find out more about our Accessibility ERG. 

  • CREW (Culture, Race and Ethnicity at Work)

     CREW brings together individuals of different cultures, races, and ethnicities in the workplace. 

    Leads - Priscilla Dixon and Simiso Ncube 
    Executive Sponsors - Andy Doyle and Adeola Tejumola


    • Inspire, educate, and drive action about the value of Inclusion and Diversity for all
    • This community strives to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace by addressing challenges and celebrating our differences.
    • CREW is a safe space where you can listen, learn, and be heard irrespective of your background.

    We also celebrate cultural and religious holidays with our members, like Chinese New Year, Diwali, Kwanzaa, Eid, and any others that are relevant to our people.

    Watch what Adrian and Amira had to say about the aims of our CREW ERG.


  • No Limits

    No Limits seeks to promote age inclusiveness through support offered from the very beginning of your time here. It’s not just for the more senior among our staff – it’s for everyone. The key message is that we’ll likely all need support in our older age one day, so why not start it from your first day?

    Leads - Endri Basha and Naresh Kumar
    Executive Sponsor - Will Galgey 


    • Promote age inclusiveness from the beginning of a person's time at Kantar

    Want to see more? Check out our video all about our No Limits ERG. 

  • Parents and Carers

    Parents and Carers is a group for working parents and carers within Kantar, who can share their experiences of balancing their personal and professional lives. As we continue to offer our colleagues the option to work remotely around the globe, the lines between work and family time can easily become blurred; Parents and Carers are here to help keep all the plates spinning.

    Leads - Bekka O'Neill and Shalin Shah
    Executive Sponsor - Gonzalo Fuentes


    • Provide an empathetic, understanding environment for parents and carers in the workplace.

    Want to find out more? Watch the video from our Parents and Carers ERG.


  • Pride@Kantar

    Pride is our LGBTQI+ community, open to both those who identify as such but also for allies to show their support.

    Leads - Josh Smith-Johnston and Jiri Nozicka
    Executive Sponsor - Caroline Frankum


    • Drive a better understanding of the LGBTQI+ community within Kantar and beyond.
    • Make sure the executive team and other leaders are effective allies.
    • Set up a mentorship program to both educate and learn from our members.
    • Celebrate and commemorate key dates in the LGBTQI+ calendar.
    • Influence structural change – policies, procedures, and practices. 

    Watch our Pride ERG video to find out a bit more about the great work they do. 


  • Women at Kantar

    Women at Kantar strive to achieve gender equality in the workplace by empowering women and allies across the business to engage, learn and drive positive change to help women realize their full potential.

    Leads - Anja Milosavljevic and Carissa Poonsammy
    Executive Sponsors - Wayne Levings and Cheong Tai Leung


    • Inspire women through engagement with role models and allies, amplifying thought leadership through Disruption Talks
    • Empower women through networking and development opportunities to be their best selves
    • Support Women in Technology to build career pathways at Kantar 
    • Influence the hardwiring of sustainable change in Kantar’s DNA through our people processes and policies to remove gender bias 
    • Build an inclusive community to ensure all Women at Kantar are represented and their voices are heard across Kantar [including intersectionality issues with our other ERGs]

    Find out more about our Women at Kantar ERG in our video.

Inclusion and Diversity Annual Report


Find out how our I&D plans are progressing and where we need to improve.

This report offers a recap of the hard work people have put into our global I&D initiatives over the last year.


Megan Cross, Head of Inclusion and Diversity, said"Our I&D report is crucial as it provides our employees, clients and anyone external with an insight into what we've been doing over the last year within I&D, the progress we've made and the areas we still need to improve.


Our I&D report keeps us accountable now and in the future, as we continue on our journey to be a more inclusive and diverse global business."
Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers 2022/204 - 12th place
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Best Organisation for Women 2023 Award
LGBT Role Model Lists, sponsored by Yahoo Finance

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