Meet Jacky and find out why you never stop learning

Presentation Design Director Jacky has been with us for nearly 28 years. A tech and gadget lover, she’s been there as we’ve evolved as a company, and been involved in some of our pioneering software and changes. On top of work, she also runs a Scooter Club and loves dancing – you can’t keep her off the dance floor when there is a live band!
24 May 2023
A woman with long hair and glasses. She has on a black top.

Presentation Design Director, UK

You’ve worked here for a while! Tell us a bit about your career journey and how you got to where you are today. 
I started out as Word Processing Manager, the main focus being paper questionnaires in Microsoft Word. I then got involved with digital data collection, so pioneered the first scanning of questionnaires to improve productivity and automation. After a couple of other roles, I moved onto the end process of PowerPoint data collection. This then evolved into PowerPoint design and overlapped with the newly created design team. With new branding came new software SlickSlides (Kantar's Powerpoint tool); I helped with the development, testing, deployment, and training, which I still do today. It’s my baby so to speak.

In my current role, we create and improve client reports, presentations, proposals, and marketing materials. I myself use bespoke presentation software, and support clients and team members with usage queries and training. I’m also a brand guardian for Kantar by having a comprehensive understanding of the brand guidelines and enforcing them when necessary.

What have been your highlights of working here?
When we first merged companies, it was training all the new teams and receiving their great feedback; they loved the software. Now, it’s watching members of my team enhance their skills and grow within the company. I also love helping people out with PowerPoint technical issues and supporting the team. I’m a bit of a show off, so this is right up my street.

What’s it like, being part of a global company?
It’s great, I’ve been with the company for nearly 28 years, and during that that I think I met thousands of different people. I evolved with the software, and it never stays the same, there’s always things to learn. I work with experts in their field, so it’s never dull.

As I’ve been here so long, I’ve seen the company culture really evolve. I think we’re a very diverse and inclusive company. Being from an older generation, I find myself correcting and educating my friends, who don’t work in a corporate environment. I won’t tolerate discrimination or racism of any kind and will always speak up; it’s something I feel very strongly about.

How are you supported as a colleague at Kantar?
Due to family issues and having to care for my husband, I have Fridays off and I work from home most of the time. They have been brilliant; I have a great boss.

What do you love about working here?
Well, I now have a Ukrainian pen pal, and of course I love working with my colleagues. We work so well as a team. Not everyone can do everything; sometimes we have someone working on the design assets, then video, someone else converting to PowerPoint, so it’s important we all communicate with each other.