Discover the secrets of Project Management, with Jaffy

If Jaffy could do anything in the world, he’d be a Moto GP Racer. But luckily for us, he joined our India office as a Project Manager instead.
26 May 2023
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Project Manager, India

What do you and your team do? 

I work as a Project Manager with the Profiles team. We help clients connect with people by providing services like survey design, sampling, profiling, data integration, and activation for programmatic campaigns. I come into the picture right from the time the project is sold, and I start designing and testing the surveys along with fielding the surveys and delivering the final data to our clients and helping them with any queries that they have. It’s not just writing emails all day long - we need to know the in & out of the full project life cycle and direct the team accordingly.

What are the highlights of your role so far?
My first project at Kantar was for one of our biggest clients. They always come up with challenging projects which need to be delivered under crunched timelines and with top-notch data quality. I worked round the clock to deliver this project as per the ever-changing client requirements without creating any pressure on my fellow teammates. For this, I got appreciation from the sales team as well as from the Head of Operations, in Asia.

I’m also really proud of seven multi-country projects for another client, after which I was made the dedicated Project Manager for them.

Why did you decide to work in consumer research and insights?
I was fascinated by the claims that brands used to make about their products, and I wanted to know how these claims are tested by research agencies. This fascination drove me to join consumer research & insights.

I joined Kantar specifically after some time working for a competitor. I had always heard about the excellent work culture that is promoted at Kantar which made me join Kantar. The 24/7 support available from my seniors and mentors is always pushing me to lift the bar higher and keeps me going here.

Do you get to work flexibly?
I have the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time. The company promotes an employee-friendly environment wherein I am able to save time on traveling to the office and utilize that time to polish my skills or do something off work. As an organisation, it’s flexible, caring, and employee friendly. The company really takes good care of its employees.