Kas shares what life is like working in our Digital Research Centre

Whether she’s taking part in an aerial yoga class, or heading out for some Hot Pot, you’ll find Kas somewhere near our office in Poland. A Subject Matter Expert in one of our Products, CrossMedia, she helps companies evaluate their multichannel marketing campaigns, meaning she has an influence over the adverts you see, and the ones you don’t.
30 May 2023
A woman with long blonde hair, wearing a white button up jacket, with a red top underneath.

Programme Manager, Poland

What do you and your team do? 
I’m a Subject Matter Expert in CrossMedia (one of our products). I joined Kantar in September 2021 and (unexpectedly) after 13 months I became part of Experts Team. To be able to achieve that I gave my work 110% and when there was a chance, as a Junior Project Manager I applied for the development path and was fortunate enough to be chosen. My training as an expert took about 6 months.
On daily basis we support Project Managers in conducting CrossMedia projects with our expertise. We also take care of all the CrossMedia-related matters and files and make sure that everything is up to date. Essentially, we’re like a CrossMedia Wikipedia!

What are the highlights of your role so far?
Being the helpful hand to the Team, building relation with vendors and Client Service Team. It feels great to able to contribute to the projects and their success. 

What’s it like, being based in our Digital Research Centre? 
I work in our Digital Research Centre in Warsaw, and we are responsible for conducting projects using various products such as CrossMedia, ContexLab, BrandLift Insights etc. I believe we are the very needed link that actually makes things happen and delivers the results that the Client Service Team can later show to the Client. 

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining at Kantar?
Give it a try, there are many opportunities at Kantar, different divisions, departments. I believe everyone can find something for themselves. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the language you speak or beliefs you have. 

What would you do if you didn’t do this? 
I’d work in e-commerce marketing or be a full-time traveler. I would definitely live in an Asian country, preferably Chinese speaking as I speak Mandarin.