Ann tells us about her journey to Senior Consultant.

Ann’s always enjoyed helping people – and now she helps our clients make informed decisions using data driven insights. Part our Digital Analytics team, she took time out her day to let us know what Life at Kantar means to her.
09 June 2023
A young woman looking back at the camera. She has curly hair and sunglasses on her head. She is wearing a black polo neck.

Senior Consultant, UK

Talk us through your career journey and how you’ve ended up at Kantar. 
Years ago, I started as a Client Executive in a start-up that specialised in B2B influencer marketing and its through that role that I fell in love with data. I worked as a dedicated analyst for major tech brands and later became the Insights Manager for a team of 9 consultants, analysts and executives with a goal to provide data-driven actionable insights and drive engagement through social analytics for large enterprise accounts primarily in the sector of technology.

I knew Kantar was the place for me as soon as I saw the company values. As someone who has lived in three different countries and met people from across the globe, I’m a big advocate for Diversity & Inclusion and its importance in the workplace. I’m a high achiever, believe in the value of team and as a people manager I know there’s no higher reward than helping people grow. 

I’m now a Senior Consultant in the Digital Analytics team. I help clients understand the online landscape, their audience and help them make more informed decision through data-driven insights to optimise their digital presence and performance.

What would surprise people about your role?
I think when people think of analysts, they don’t expect how unique it is in terms of the skills needed to succeed and the various qualities that come with it. There’s much more to it then reading numbers on a screen as you’d have to have excellent written and verbal communication, be able to present to clients and build rapport, leading projects for multiple clients hence excellent prioritisation and time management skills and last but not least curiosity – the key trait of analyst is always asking ‘Why?’.

What is the most interesting thing about working in consumer research and insights?
The most interesting thing is that there is always more to learn! Data never sleeps! What I love the most about working in research-based role is that I always learn something new that outside of this role unless one specialises in the sector they would not know. The various topics that our clients cover have enabled me to learn more and expand my horizon on the latest innovations in tech, the stance of world leaders on sustainability to the existence of all-natural cleaning products! 

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining at Kantar?
I would definitely recommend Kantar as a workplace and my advice to the potential candidate would be – don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone is more than willing to help out, answer questions and also to offer their ideas on how to improve things for our clients.

What’s also great about Kantar is that the opportunities are never-ending – whether you want to specialise in a certain field, move up a step in your role and take on more responsibilities or even do something completely different Kantar enables growth from within at all stages.

What are your hobbies and interests out of work?
Outside of work I volunteer as a mentor to young adults who seek guidance on all life’s questions – it’s the one thing I would encourage all of my colleagues and friends to try especially if they come from a non-traditional background as these are the exact role model’s adolescents are missing. I’m an advocate for “be the change you want to see” and hence I believe it’s crucial to show minors that they don’t have to have a STEM degree to be in a data-focused role and that with the right work ethic anything is possible.