Why does Yasser stay working in Tech at Kantar?

Football fan and Botafogo FC supporter Yasser is based in Brazil. As one of Technical Support team, he makes sure we can all do out jobs, all day, every day. We wouldn’t last long without him!
09 June 2023
A man dark hair and a dark brown beard. He is wearing a navy shirt and you can also see his Kantar lanyard.

IT Support, Brazil

Talk us through your career journey so far
I’m very proud of my journey so far; I started at Kantar when I was still a teenager and have learnt everything from the bottom upwards. I have the advantage of knowing about most process and how the business has evolved. 

I’m currently a Technical Support Analyst. My main responsibilities involve providing solutions using our own technological resources. It’s an important role, as my contribution means my colleagues and end users of systems and software, can perform their activities without interruptions or as little idleness as possible. It means the everyone is productive and can perform well.

Generally speaking, my job requires me to solve problems or anticipate them before they’ve even happened. I am also responsible for policies that contribute to our information security and fighting possible malicious digital infections.

What is the tech community at Kantar like?
The tech community, in short, is very collaborative and educational. Each member is encouraged to share knowledge, support and help with all possible learning and companionship possibilities.

To succeed in a Technical Support role, you can’t be content with failure. It is necessary to seek real-time comprehension and knowledge, and keep on top of constant updates. Our technological community learns and teaches each other at all times. It takes a lot of empathy, resilience, patience, and persistence to make good decisions for the end users and that solve problems.

What’s it like, working for a global company?
Working in a global company is spectacular because it enables all of us to be considered a unit, regardless of customs and traditions. We all match when we seek the same goal.  Working in the global company makes us equal, despite the differences. There is no discrimination, and we can improve every day as human beings

Why do you stay working at Kantar?
Working somewhere like Kantar provides security, stability, quality of life and well-being. Also, as a company it’s constantly evolving to meet the needs of its clients and employees and always seeking excellence in what it has to offer. I love solving problems and seeing the satisfaction from people when I resolve their issues. There is always something new and innovative to be working on; it always challenges me.