Shape our clients’ growth.

Advising on brand development solutions, corporate strategy, marketing and more – as a Strategic Consultant, you’ll help to drive real growth for clients. We work across a variety of sectors and areas, using a suite of innovative business analytics and modelling tools.

Examples of our roles in Strategic Consultancy.

  • Senior Marketing Strategy Consultant

    Can you use data to tell a story? Grasp opportunities? Build relationships quickly? You could help clients grow by developing and embedding strategies and capabilities.  

  • Analyst

    Analysing data’s only the start. You’ll also identify key learnings against project objectives, which you’ll then present back to clients. A team player with excellent people skills, you’ll use data to tell a story and support a narrative. 

  • Consultant

    Help clients to build engaging market strategies using your sales and category knowledge. Rigorous analytical skills and natural curiosity will help, as well being able to tell a detailed, multi-layered, and impactful story through data.

  • Sales Performance Analyst

    You’ll extract and evaluate data from our systems to understand our sales performance, helping our team to meet targets. Experience working with PowerBI and Salesforce would definitely be an advantage.

Meet Our People

Senior Thought Leader, USA

A woman with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a blue and white flower pattern top.

Category Advisor Director, UK

A man in a white short, black jacket and green tie.

Partner, Australia

A woman with a black top and glasses with transparent frames. She has shoulder length blonder hair.

Programme Manager, Poland

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