Barry tells us why someone should join Kantar.

Florida Gator fan and Senior Global Thought Leader Barry took some time out to tell us all about his experiences of working at Kantar. Based between working from home and our Atlanta office, he talks about some of his career highlights and the skills you need for a career in consumer research, consulting, and thought leadership helping clients.
09 June 2023
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Senior Thought Leader, USA

Tell us a bit more about what a Senior Global Thought Leader is, and what you get up to every day?
As Senior Global Thought Leader, my role centres on leading our Foodservice Practice, leading our Future of Commerce Practice and leading content on strategic commerce topics where needed (e.g., digital shelf, direct to consumer, etc). We help customers understand their context, consumers, shoppers, categories, and customers better towards driving accretive growth strategies and tactics.

Standing up our new Foodservice Practice has been one of my career highlights at Kantar so far. Plus, I’ve also been able to co-lead our Kantar biweekly podcast which has really helped our brand be louder and more visible with clients globally. I get emails often from Kantar and non-Kantar clients who listen to the podcast and really enjoy it. We generally are a top 12 or so retail/commerce podcast which is strong given all the competition in this hyper growth space.

I try every day to have fun, learn, help my teammates and our clients. 

What made you decide to join Kantar – and what keep you working here?
Well, I retired from The Coca-Cola Company after 25 years last December. Kantar was always a key and trusted partner for us at Coca-Cola. My last five years at Coca-Cola were as a VP in the Global Center leading – Shopper Marketing, eCommerce and the Future of Commerce with our internal system and customers. I wanted to continue that work yet have a bigger role in the industry while also serving a wider set up customers.

What keeps me here is the chance to continually learn, grow and have fun. 

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of joining Kantar?
To work in this type of role and company, you need to be curious, empathetic and have great listening skills. But you’ll also need to think strategically and have a growth mindset. Being entrepreneurial and taking initiative won’t hurt either!

I think if you like learning, partnering with teammates, working in a networked manner across the world, serving clients and having fun, well this is a place you will really like! The culture is really open and transparent, as well as growth centric and client focused.

What do you like to do when you’re not in work?
Well, I’ve been married for 32 years to my wife Leslie who is a nurse practitioner, and we own a remarkably successful Medical Spa in Marietta GA that is growing faster and reaching new highs, more then we ever expected. If I didn’t work at Kantar, I’d probably work there instead. 

We both enjoy playing tennis and have two sons, one just out of college, the other a junior in college. She is a Georgia Bulldog and I’m a Florida Gator which keeps things fun!

What do you love about your job? 
Learning, growing, having a good time, working with awesome teammates, and serving others!