Meet Defa, Junior Delivery Manager for West Africa!

Defa is part of our team in Senegal. A big fan of a home workout, she talk us through what life at Kantar is like for her.
09 June 2023
A woman with a blue top and multicolored head scarf.

Junior Delivery Manager, Senegal

What is your role and what do you get up to day to day?
I am a Junior Delivery Manager and Supplier Management and Compliance Lead across French West Africa at Kantar.

As a dual and hybrid role, my day-to-day job is to have our projects done in the best way ever. The purpose is to obtain data that is as plausible and accurate as possible, based on strong relationships with our suppliers. 

To be good at this role, three things are key: Communication (being bilingual in French and English is essential), Management and Monitoring. You need to be able to evaluate things and make decisions based on that reasoning. You also need the ability to handle the whole project lifecycle from the costings to data delivery.

What was it that made you decide to join Kantar?
The discovery of new horizons and the possibility to grow and flourish in a multi-national area.

I’ve stayed working at Kantar because the team spirit is great. I’m supported to be able to have a good balance between work and home life. 

What is the culture like?
As an organisation, Kantar is multi-cultural and inclusive. Being a global company, we work with people from everywhere and that helps understand their culture and mindset. It’s a large and effective interaction platform. 

Describe Kantar in 3 words. 
Family, interaction, growth