Eduardo talks to us about our new Porto office.

Meet Eduardo, one of the first people to join our new office in Porto. As Office Manager, he makes sure we’ve all got an amazing place to work. If he wasn’t our Office Manager, he’d be an Event Planner…which is probably why there are so many office socials!
09 June 2023
A man sat on a bench wearing a blue shirt.

Office Manager, Portugal

Tell us about your job and what you get up to everyday. 
My job is Office Administration Management. My day-to-day routine consists of a very diverse and mixed pack of tasks according to the necessity of the day. From updating current layouts of the office, to granting final approval for improvements in the infrastructure, to developing and deploying policies…certainly, every day I wake up to a day full of accomplishments to be achieved. I’m also responsible for managing engagement groups, hosting visitors, kicking-off branding actions, onboarding new joiners, and putting events together. We do have a lot of events in the office; engagement teams, company events, monthly birthday celebrations, and seasonal contests are a few examples. 

What has it been like, being one of the first people to join our new office in Porto? 
Scary! From the get-go, realizing how many talented people you are surrounded by can be intimidating. But also promising, understanding that I have been fortunate enough to be chosen and granted a sea of opportunities. It also means I’m able to work with an inspiring leader and team-mates. 

How would you describe the culture?
The culture is one of the reasons I decided to join. The company inspires colleagues to grow, daily; our vision and mission is experienced beyond just slogans. Everything is multiculturally influenced, healthy, open-minded, and transparent. One of the best things about working here is that I receive the proper feedback and recognition for the dedication I present in my day-to-day life at the company.

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of joining our Porto Office?  
Make sure you leave behind everything you knew about work culture and be ready to be to find a healthier tune to your work experience. The work/life balance is great. I can make sure my deadlines are met and goals are achieved to the beat of my drum, in a way that works for me. As a global company, it can be demanding but at the same time, it’s really inspiring to see what can be achieved.