Maria was one of the first to join our Porto office!

We spent some time with Maria, one of the first people to join our new office in Porto. Scout, musical genius, and mother, she tells us all about what it’s been like to come on the journey to build out brand new teams in a new location.
09 June 2023
A woman smiling at the camera with her arms crossed. She is wearing a cream jacket and has shoulder length brown hair.

Senior FP&A Analyst, Portugal

What is your role and what do you get up to day to day?
I’m a Senior Financial Analyst and I support the business making the best decisions to Kantar. I support business plans, re forecast and monthly analyses to understand how the financials are. In my job, it’s important to listen what the business wants to see, and the details are particularly important. It’s very valuable to enjoy working with a team. Even though being exact is important, we’re still human; even when we’re not always 100% sure of our numbers, we defend them to make you think that we are!

Why did you decided to join Kantar?
Kantar was just beginning in Porto and that really excited me to be part of a company that is not afraid to change. So far, it has been amazing! It’s like working on a start-up – where every idea matters, and all your inputs are appreciated and recognized – with a stability of a worldwide company. 

What’s the team culture and support like?
I’m really enjoying so far – it feels that I’ve worked here all my life because I feel I have deep work connections and a great support from everyone. It’s really interesting and demanding to work for a global company, and work with people from so many different countries. I feel really supported to have a good work/life balance and get the best of all worlds. 

What kind of things do you get involved in?
There are lots of office and team events to get involved in. At the beginning, FP&A team had a lunch every Monday to get to know everyone and to have some time to talk. We’ve also had two team events – a boat trip and a bowling evening. In the wider office, we had a party to celebrate one hundred colleagues joining our team, and we’re also planning an end of year party as well. It has been really amazing.

Describe Kantar in three words. 
I would say: opportunity, people, and fun.